Multiple Vices

by Tremarche

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released December 13, 2014

Charles Geer - guitar
Olivia Wilkins-Becker - guitar
Anthony Richards - bass
Josh Trombley - drums

Recorded by Jason Karby at The Boiler Room in Worcester, MA in later summer 2013.
Mixed by Jason Karby.
Mastered by Chris Goosman at Baseline Audio




Tremarche Worcester, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Multiple Devices
you don't need a poem, you need a paperweight
or a plastic set of drawers
to keep your cuttings from your spores
and your stalks in order

bisect various bodies of fiction & literal text
redefine consume & intent and what it means to consent
Track Name: Banana Hoard
back to where the sidewalk ends
some kid's story's got me tied up in knots again
I heard one girl shout as she was playing house
"if you can't keep up with these bills then I'm kicking you out"
economic means and ends bleed into a world of pretend

there was a gilded age for some
but I wouldn't speak for everyone
there was a layer of gold to cover up the rust

I'm tired & shit & I don't know why
like a dad on his recliner sharing his time with the news
sometimes channel 4 sometimes channel 5
sometimes channel 7 sometimes channel 9

there was a gilded age for some
but I wouldn't speak for everyone
the city streetlamps sailing through the night

rest assured that I can't afford to ignore all the things that I can't afford
Track Name: Google Shape
I've never been nowhere
I've always been fumbling around
using the same words to make my sounds

I don't want to change my clothes, my hair, my face

liberally aggressive and loud about their bones
they love to leave the children at home all alone
liberally defensive and loud about their homes
accentuating lines that we find ourselves below

attest to mess up all of my professions
a test to see what they'll label as aberrations
Track Name: Poop Tub
I didn't know I forgot
what it meant to be quietly waiting inside
exercise apologies
objectify me because I feel useless
and sometimes
I drift
from myself or where I want to be
lending to a lease or lessening
of myself, but as a buzzword
or to phrase in simple terms:
I've made myself unavailable.

try, try again, fail better
find a way to be subtle when I say what I say
with concerning regularity
ignoring that I'm looking in a mirror
we give different names to the dead

wait up you guys
wait for me, too
wait for me to put on my shoes.
Track Name: Wylde Horses
guess there're bones in my left hand, man
while upstairs there's a ghost who floats through
walls and third persons
watching you and everyone

mind caught up in gilded frames
shown behind polished panes
gates of guilt shut off certain walls
hey, but you could still...
and hey wouldn't it be a shame to blame yourself
for something you tried so sincerely to work out?
but there's still doubt

done worked, done wasted one day
beet red across my face and down my neck
left the power on too long, battery's dead
quiet ride home to climb into bed