Tour Split w/ Motel Mattress

by Tremarche

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  • Tremarche//Motel Mattress split juno soundtrack CASSETTE
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    three tracks from stagnant cynics, Tremarche, and one long'un by the new age jazz lords, Motel Mattress.

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released February 20, 2013

written/played by Tremarche. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jacob Gaulin Jan/Feb 2013. (
Package design & artwork by Sam Peckham. Photo of Parkway Towers, Chattanooga, TN, taken by Daniel Nott, August 2011.
Available on a limited number of cassettes for our short Midwest tour with MM, or free here. Check out Motel Mattress at




Tremarche Worcester, Massachusetts


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Track Name: buddy holly
loose tooth myself at the end of a rope
i'm american slang: i'm tired, i cope
unwatered and fallow, asleep in nongrowth
my inhales are shallow. i'm choking, i choke
american summer spent watching t.v.
i'm working in chains but retiring free
"holes in hist'ry is where you'll fine me"
my free time's not wasted, it's working for me
i'm understanding, i'm charming, i'm working all the time
i'm tired. i'm busy. i'm fine.
all the while gotten older but, like,
what do you call progress.
is this me?
is this us?
my name is monday.
Track Name: ok ok ok ok ok ok
every door I lock my keys behind
every situation I find myself feeling the same way
I don't shout, not cuz I got nothin to say
I don't preach to legions of leaves
I don't feel like a common mistake.
every time I go to sleep after dawn
every time I hear "boys will be boys"
I really kind of feel like I haven't eaten anything all day
I really feel like that's a common mistake
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh today is o.k.
I only say what I wanna hear
it's you & michael moore down by the liquor store
i'm on your neighbor's couch. maybe I got locked out
or maybe I want it to end this way.
instead I'll spend another day
in this dead shell of a fucking city.
Track Name: america ii / juno ost
all the young dudes stuck sick with the blues
pull out their teeth & lie through their shoes
now lucy look mean cuz he dress like a queen
but he punches a clock & drowns in a dream.
"a microcosm fits the palm of my hand
millions more allow the towers to stand
the spinal columns tapped so we can feel
degeneration of fucked up crumbling seal"
I am america and I am sin.
I am tornado fucking alley filled with trash & lifeless skin.
I am america and I am hate.
I'm always looking for a chance to make an
understatement on social norms & line them with
silver foil, newspapers, & plastic bags.
I'll toast to braveheart, fucked up wars & broken doors.
"america, this is the impression
that I get from look-
ing in the television
"america, is this correct?"
I can't stand my own mind.
Track Name: Motel Mattress - I Shit My Pants at a Pow Wow Once
"a verbatim quote from jake's youth"